With the release of Beyonce’s new track and video Run the World (Girls), a question has emerged across the blogosphere – is her song a feminist anthem or anti-feminist cover up?  Beyonce’s song puts forth a strong girl power message conveying the idea that women are empowered, in control, and equal to (if not better than) men.  In response, vlogger Nineteen Percent posted a YouTube video entitled, Run the World (LIES) that takes issue with the claim that women run the world.  Nineteen Percent’s video has gone viral and has become the go-to example for those who believe Beyonce’s song hurts women’s cause more than it helps it.  To add to this conversation, the research team at the Clayman Institute created a Fact Sheet that provides a snapshot of the current status of women. We believe that sometimes, research is the first stop on the way to making change.


Let us know what you think - do you think girls run the world and why?


The debate is running in full force. Here are a few of the responses to date:


Originally Published in Gender News, a publication of The Clayman Institute for Gender Research on Monday, June 20, 2011